Prime Minister of Jordan 2011-2012

Judge of the International Court of Justice 2000-2011; Vice President of the Court 2006-2009

Member of the United Nations International Law Commission for three terms 1986-2000

Member of the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Protection of Minorities and Prevention of Discrimination 1982-1993; Chairman of the Sub-Commission 1993 and Special Rapporteur on Forcible Population Transfer

Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court 1996-1998; Advisor to his late Majesty King Hussein and Advisor of the State on International Law 1995-1996; Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1985-1990

Attended 19 sessions of the General Assembly of United Nations, 1975-2000 and participated in the elaboration of numerous international treaties.

Recently started to sit on investment arbitrations and has just been appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations on the High Panel on Access to Health Services. Finally, he is a member of Doughty Street Law Chambers and sits on their academic panel.


He received his primary education at the Islamic Scientific College (Amman), and his University Education at Queens’ College (Cambridge) of which he is an Honorary Fellow.

He has lectured widely on International Law, including in the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London, Sorbonne, Oslo, Bucharest, Innsbruck, Sofia, Ottawa, and continues to do so. He additionally sits on international arbitrations, including the Abyei Arbitration: Sudan vs South Sudan, Argentina vs Ghana, both before the Permanent Court of Arbitration.


He holds a number of awards including the highest Jordanian decoration “Al Nahda”, and French Legion D’Honneur Grand Officier.